Woning Beerzel

Dwelling Beerzel

Sigrid from Beerzel likes sleek and modern. Her interior consists mainly of stylish white and black materials. Yet there is also room for some colorful accents with, as icing on the cake, a bold and custom-made painting of Edith Verwimp. In the photos, in addition to the painting, a bronze statue In Between by the Belgian artist Guy Buseyne on view. The Visitor from Guido Deleu in small and large format provide a playful touch. On the walls hang "The Cube" by Cicero Silva and a wooden Wall Panel. The large black bowl with matching spheres ensures that the white dining table is always beautifully decorated. The lighted niche in the kitchen houses one of the beautiful figurines in stone and bronze from Luise Kött-Gärtner.

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