At stArt to Art we are constantly looking for beautiful and affordable sculptures made of various materials. These can be durable bronze or polyester works that can be placed both indoors and outdoors, but also sculptures with playful forms made of resin, composite material, papier maché or ceramics.


    Monique Lipsch

    Visual artist Monique Lipsch Creates beautiful sculptures in deverse materials such as bronze and epoxy.

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    Rose Marie Warzée

    Rose Marie Warzée is an established artist. She creates sculptures in corten steel and powder coated steel for indoor and outdoor use.

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    Luc De Maeght

    Saint of Love

    Saint of Love from the Belgian designer Luc De Maeght Personalizes the universal message of love.

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    Guido Deleu

    The Visitor

    The Visitor From Guido Deleu. Available in a variety of designs and materials.

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    Statues in bronze and stone

    Sculptures with a message by German artist Luise Kött-Gärtner.

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    Large selection

    Bronze statues

    Bronze sculptures with a unique look and a special serenity by various Belgian and foreign artists.

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    Plastic & Resin

    Statues for indoors and outdoors in plastic or resin. An example is the wildly popular statue of the little man with binoculars by Ottmar Hörl.

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    Abstract and figurative sculptures in various colors and sizes, made from composite material.

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    Beautiful large sculptures in aluminum
    For indoor and outdoor use.

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    Sculptures in ceramics by artists such as Guido Deleu, Örn Porseinsson, Luc De Maeght,...

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