A distinctive little bird, a symbol of freedom and happiness, is central to the collection of DaqiConcept where traditional craft is paired with modern technology.

    JinGoo White Hwamei - L'Oiseau Bleu - DaqiConcept



    Wireless bluetooth speaker with mood light.

    JinGoo from DaqiConcept unites mood lighting and a high-quality Bluetooth speaker into a unique object. The award-winning design is a perfect blend of stylish Oriental influences combined with modern sound technology.

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    Chirp van DaqiConcept



    An alarm clock with mood light.

    Wake up to soft light and blissful sounds of nature. Chirp is a unique alarm clock that combines superior light and sound technology with traditional craftsmanship.

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    Bird van DaqiConcept



    Mood Lamp.

    With its slightly hunched posture, it evokes Bird the image of a caring bird. It is a perfect accessory for the bedroom, living room or home office.

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