Collection: QLOCKTWO Moon

The moon has an irresistible attraction for all of us.

The QLOCKTWO Moon by Biegert & Funk is inspired by the universal presence of the moon and shows different phases of the moon using 14 rotating prisms. This creates a captivating and vibrant object. With its stylized simplification to a circle and square, it exudes timeless elegance.

After its launch, the QLOCKTWO Moon top prize of the German Design Award in the "Excellent Product Design Luxury Goods" category.

The QLOCKTWO Moon is available in two sizes (90 cm and 180 cm). The choice of materials such as platinum and gold, depending on the version, reflects the distinctive lunar surface and emphasizes its exclusive character. The background symbolizing the sky exists in three colors: Dawn (silver), Midnight (blue) and Nightfall (dark gray). 

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