German Design Award Winner 2024

QLOCKTWO has with the QLOCKTWO Earth won numerous contemporary design awards including the following iconic awards: Innovative Interior, iF Product Design Award, ADCE Gold Award and Red Dot Design Award.

The new QLOCKTWO Moon is well on its way to doing the same. Its first major accolade is the German Design Award where the Moon won the top prize in the Excellent Product Design Luxury Goods category.

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The moon has an irresistible appeal to us all.

The QLOCKTWO Moon is inspired by the moon's ubiquity as a universal reference point and a constant in timekeeping around the world. The patented mechanical representation of the different phases of the moon is obtained by rotating 14 prisms around their axis. The QLOCKTWO Moon thus becomes a fascinating and living object that is constantly changing. The formal reduction to a circle and a square gives the QLOCKTWO Moon De a timeless and elegant appearance. The characteristic lunar surface is reflected by the use of platinum and gold which accentuates its exclusive character.

The exclusive QLOCKTWO Moon exists in two sizes: The QLOCKTWO Moon 90 and the QLOCKTWO Moon 180.

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    The breathtaking

    QLOCKTWO Moon 90

    With a size of 90 x 90 cm, the QLOCKTWO Moon 90 impresses.

    About 100 leaves of platinum or gold reflect the characteristic lunar surface.

    Each one is made by hand and is therefore unique.

    The QLOCKTWO Moon 90 is available in 9 versions.

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    The magisterial

    QLOCKTWO Moon 180

    By analogy with the real moon, the QLOCKTWO Moon 180 with its impressive dimensions of 180 x 180 cm exerts an attraction on everyone who admires this magnificent work of art.

    Each one is handmade and is therefore unique.

    The QLOCKTWO Moon 180 is just like the QLOCKTWO Moon 90, it is available in 9 versions.

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    Marco Biegert & Andreas Funk

    Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk have made their mark with the design classic QLOCKTWO Earth.

    The Universe of QLOCKTWO have now expanded them further with a new and breathtaking design. The QLOCKTWO Moon like the QLOCKTWO Earth a time dimension that captures the imagination.

    Photo: Andreas Funk, Marcel Wauters, Edith Verwimp and Marco Biegert during the launch of the QLOCKTWO Moon in Dubai.



    A QLOCKTWO Moon consists of 14 prisms arranged vertically that can mechanically rotate on their axis. This rotation provides a unique display of the progress of the lunar phase.

    A complete lunar cycle lasts an average of 29.53 days.

    The QLOCKTWO Moon shows the different 8 phases of the moon. Starting with the new moon, the QLOCKTWO Moon a little each day to end in a radiant full moon.

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    The QLOCKTWO Moon is available in 9 versions.

    The background symbolizing the sky exists in three colors: Dawn (silver), Midnight (blue) and Nightfall (dark gray).

    The moon itself is always made of precious metal.
    The choices are: Gold (24kt. gold leaf), Moon Gold (23.7 kt. gold leaf + 0.3 kt platinum) and Platinum (999 pt. sheet platinum)

    QLOCKTWO presents an entirely new concept: The QLOCKTWO Moon

    QLOCKTWO Moon by Biegert & Funk

    Below are some pictures of the different versions of the QLOCKTWO Moon

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Dawn - Gold

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Dawn - Moon Gold

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Dawn - Platinum

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Midnight - Gold

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Midnight - Moon Gold

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Midnight - Platinum

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Nightfall - Gold

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Nightfall - Moon Gold

    • QLOCKTWO Moon - Nightfall - Platinum

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