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    Beautiful and affordable sculptures in various materials for indoor and outdoor use.

    Wall decorations, timeless vases and bowls, playful sculptures and figures.

    • Wall decoration

      Discover beautiful wall decorations in different materials.

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    • Vases

      Browse the wide range of vases made of ceramic or composite material.

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    • Bowls and spheres

      The perfect bowl and matching spheres for every table.

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    stArt to Art is official distributor and Certified Expert of QLOCKTWO.

    • QLOCKTWO Earth 45

      The QLOCKTWO Earth 45 of 45cm x 45cm for on the wall or on a cabinet.

    • QlockTwo Earth 90

      The QlockTwo Earth 90 of 90cm x 90cm for stylish spaces

    • QLOCKTWO Earth 13.5

      The QLOCKTWO Earth 13.5, the table clock with alarm function.

    • QLOCKTWO Earth 180

      The QLOCKTWO Earth 180, breathtakingly beautiful and exclusive.

      Discover the magisterial QLOCKTWO Earth 180 
    • QLOCKTWO Moon

      Het karakteristieke maanoppervlak in goud en platinum zorgen voor een exclusieve karakter.

      Ontdek de aantrekkingskracht van de QLOCKTWO Moon