Meanwhile, 'The Visitors' by the Belgian artist Guido Deleu world famous in Flanders and far beyond!
The image 'The Visitor' was designed in 1996 and in 2010 it was selected for an exhibition during New York Design Week.
The sculpture was later reproduced in different sizes and versions.

Ceramic and bronze versions

The ceramic sculptures can only be placed indoors. Depending on the version, different colors are available. The bronze statues can be placed both indoors and outdoors.

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    The Visitor Mini - 18.5cm

    Guido Deleu

    The Visitor Mini

    Size: 7cm / 6.5cm / 18.5cm
    Implementation: ceramic

    This anniversary edition was specially made to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Visitor celebration.

    The Visitor Mini is only available in a limited number of colors

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    The Visitor Small - 24cm

    Guido Deleu

    The Visitor Small

    Size: 8cm / 6 cm/ 24cm
    Implementation: Ceramic

    The Visitor Small is the version that heralded the success of this beautiful sculpture.

    Meanwhile, this figurine is available in a wide variety of colors.

    As a result, you can always find a version that deserves a place in any interior.

    Moreover, there are endless possibilities to combine colors with each other.

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    De Visitor Plus van Guido Deleu bij stArt to Art

    Guido Deleu

    The Visitor Plus

    Size: 14cm / 12cm/ 38cm
    Implementation: Ceramic

    The Visitor Plus is 14cm larger than the Visitor Small.

    This size is also available in a wide variety of colors.

    Due to the larger size, a Visitor Plus perfect to combine with a smaller Visitor Small or Visitor Mini.

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    The Visitor Large COR-28 Café

    Guido Deleu

    The Visitor Large

    Size: 28cm / 21cm / 75cm
    Implementation: Ceramic

    Can it be a little more?

    Accentuate your interior with the Visitor Large looking around with wonder.

    Or give the Visitor Large a spot in your entrance hall so that visitors are welcomed in a surprising way.

    The Visitor Large is only available in a limited number of colors: COR-01 white, COR-13 graphite, COR-24 black, COR-25 cinza, COR-28 café and COR-31 red rubia.

    Put the imposing Visitor Large on a pedestal or simply on the ground.

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    Guido Deleu

    De Visitor 120

    Finally it's here! In addition to the Visitor Mini (18.5cm), the Visitor Small (24cm), the Visitor Plus (38cm) and the Visitor Large (75cm) there is now the Visitor 120. With its height of 1.28m, the statue can be placed on the ground and welcome your visitors in an impressive way.

    By default, the Visitor 120 available in the colors COR-01-White, COR-24-Black, COR-25-Cinza, COR-28-Café and COR-31-Red-Rubia.

    The other COR colors are available on order and have a longer delivery time.

    Come see the Visitor 120 view in our gallery and be enchanted by this fantastic image.

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    The Visitor Bronze

    Guido Deleu

    The Visitor Bronze

    The Bronze Visitor deserves a place not only inside but also outside. Three versions are available: the large, the 120 and the 180

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    Guido Deleu - Ontwerper van de Visitor

    Guido Deleu - Designer of the Visitor

    Guido Deleu (B) was born in 1932.

    After his career as a civil engineer at Philips, he devoted himself entirely to sculpture.

    He took classes at the Roeselare Art Academy and at studios in Carrara, Italy, where he devoted himself to sculpting techniques in marble. His dedication to his work has led to several nominations for art competitions.

    His great love for nature and man is reflected in his best-known work: The Visitor.

    The Visitor has since become an iconic design.

    Due to the great variety of colors, materials (ceramic and bronze) and formats, this beautiful sculpture finds a place in every interior.

    • Cores da Terra - Brazilië

      The ceramic versions of the Visitor are handcrafted in Brazil, specifically in the studio 'Cores da Terra' of Selma Calheira. Studio 'Cores da Terra' is known for developing and training local artisans in a sustainable way. The ceramic sculpture is colored by means of natural pigments so that small color differences are possible.

    • Gardeco

      The Belgian company Gardeco, headed by Jan Simaey and Sonja Crevits can rightly call itself the discoverer of this timeless image. Jan and Sonja saw the enormous potential in the Visitor and are part of the basis of its enormous success.