Impress and enchant with this perfect design

A QLOCKTWO Earth is not just a clock. With this beautiful design, you are bringing a work of art into your home. Order your QLOCKTWO Earth online or come see all versions without obligation in our gallery in Knokke and be enchanted by this beautiful piece of engineering.

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The QLOCKTWO Earth conquers the heart of every art lover who loves stylish design.

This beautiful design pays homage to time in a special way. A matrix of 110 seemingly randomly arranged letters form the base. The individual letters are combined by illuminating surfaces to form words that represent time in five-minute increments. Four illuminating dots in the corners provide the precise per-minute display.

The QLOCKTWO Earth is available in many colors and materials, from colored acrylic glass to precious gold leaf.

Representing time in words. This simple idea was created by Marco Biegert and Andreas Funk elaborated into a beautiful design. The idea dates back to 1989 and after a great deal of experimentation, the first QLOCKTWO Earth was presented in Stuttgart in 2009. After that it went very fast. Biegert & Funk has already received more than 30 international design awards, including the prestigious Red Dot Award for various versions of the QLOCKTWO Earth.

The QLOCKTWO Earth is still manufactured by hand in the factory in Schwäbisch Gmünd.

    The classic

    QLOCKTWO Earth 45

    The QLOCKTWO Earth 45 is the version that started it all for Biegert & Funk. Meanwhile, it is available in more than 20 languages.

    The great variety of versions ensures a perfect QLOCKTWO Earth is for every living room or office space.

    The 45 × 45 cm large QLOCKTWO Earth 45 becomes like a work of art on the wall hung, but can also be with a foot of acrylic glass.

    The front panel is in various colors, languages and materials available. It is attached with magnets and can be easily changed.

    The QLOCKTWO Earth 45 Powder-Coated Stainless Steel edition has a stainless steel front panel painted via powder-coating technology. The letters are finely cut via laser technology. Many colors are available such as White Pepper (white), Black Pepper (black), Red Pepper (red), Grey Pepper (gray) and Hazelnut (Hazelnut).

    In addition, there is the QLOCKTWO Classic Stainless Steel in brushed stainless steel.

    The most recent series is the Velvet Edition in warm red and noble green.

    Looking for a unique specimen? Then choose the beautiful Creator's Editions: Raw Iron, Metamorphite, Rust, Vintage Copper, Silver & Gold and Gold and Platinum.

    Not satisfied with the standard white body of the QLOCKTWO Earth? Or do you prefer a front panel with a color of your own choosing?

    At an additional cost, it is possible to have both the corpus and the front panel painted in a RAL color.

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    The impressive

    QLOCKTWO Earth 90

    With a size of 90 x 90 cm, the QLOCKTWO Earth 90 impresses. This version is suitable for stylish homes, exclusive apartments, open interiors or public spaces.

    The QLOCKTWO Earth 90 is available in more than 20 languages.

    The QLOCKTWO Earth 90 is just like the QLOCKTWO Earth 45, it is available in several stainless steel versions such as the Black Pepper (black), White Pepper (White), Red Pepper (Red), Grey Pepper (Gray) and Hazelnut (Hazelnut) and Stainless Steel (Brushed Stainless Steel)

    Of course, the new Velvet Edition at red and green and the various Creator's Editions are not missing: Raw Iron, Metamorphite, Rust, Vintage Copper, Silver & Gold, Gold and Platinum.

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    The compact

    QLOCKTWO Earth 13.5

    The tabletop model (13.5 × 13.5 cm) with alarm also displays the time in words. In addition to its compact size, its easy operation makes the QLOCKTWO Earth 13.5 a popular design object.

    A light touch on the housing is enough to control central functions such as Night-Touch Mode, turning on the alarm and the snooze function.

    The front panel is attached with magnets and can be easily replaced.

    Ideal for on a nightstand, desk or countertop.

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    The magisterial

    QLOCKTWO Earth 180

    In our gallery in Knokke hangs exclusively for the BeNeLux the beautiful QLOCKTWO Earth 180 Rust exhibit. A timeless and breathtaking design with an impressive size of 180 × 180 cm.

    This design is so perfect that it has been given a place in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart, where it is flanked by the iconic 911, among others.

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    De unieke

    Limited Editions

    QLOCKTWO brengt geregeld gelimiteerde uitvoeringen uit van de QLOCKTWO Earth. Deze exemplaren worden in beperkte oplage geproduceerd en zijn dus slechts tijdelijk beschikbaar.

    Ontdek de Universe Midnight, de Universe Moon Gold en de Pretty Pink.

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    The exclusive

    Creator's Edition

    The Creator's Edition Collection stands for exclusivity in terms of materials and workmanship.

    The collection is handmade using an intricate process to achieve a striking end result.

    No two are ever identical. Each one is completed with a signature and a unique serial number applied by laser engraving.

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    The stylish

    Velvet Edition

    With a velvety surface, the Velvet Edition warmth and exclusivity.

    The front panel is covered with velvet in warm red and noble green.

    The textile surface makes this object a visual and tangible highlight in any room.

    This unique combination of design and functionality makes the QLOCKTWO Earth Velvet special.

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    Andreas Funk & Marco Biegert

    In 2008, when we made the very first QLOCKTWO Earth built, it was one of many other art projects for us and intended for ourselves. However, friends and family started asking for it so often that the clocks spread through our network. We then decided to make ten pieces for a trade show and people were so excited that they sold out immediately. That was the moment when we fully realized the effect this art object had on people.

    QLOCKTWO Earth


    Beschikt u over een BTW- of ondernemingsnummer?

    Als zaakvoerder kan het interessant zijn om een QLOCKTWO te leasen in plaats van te kopen.

    Een QLOCKTWO leasen

    Find out in the following video where QLOCKTWO got his inspiration for the Creator's Editions.

    De grootste QlockTwo ter wereld is de QlockTwo 520 Gamundia.

    The greatest

    QLOCKTWO 520 Gamundia.

    The greatest QLOCKTWO Earth in the world is the QlockTwo 520 Gamundia. The letter clock's Corten steel front panel measures a whopping 5.20 x 5.20 meters and weighs more than 2 tons alone. Each individual letter of the 110 letters is cut out of the 16mm thick steel plate with high-precision laser technology. As with any other QLOCKTWO the character matrix consists of 110 illuminating surfaces. For the 520 GAMUNDIA, for each letter comes a weatherproof architectural spotlight with enormous lighting power.



    Discover the appeal of the QLOCKTWO Moon, the new Award-winning design by Biegert & Funk.

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    Manuals and Flashsetter

    With the freeFlashsetter app the time can be easily transferred with the smartphones to the QLOCKTWO Earth.

    Download the Flashsetter for IOS or Android.

    Looking for a manual? On the site of QLOCKTWO are a list of all manuals.