Woning Zoutleeuw

Property Zoutleeuw

The Van Hees family from Zoutleeuw wanted to finish their interior with two paintings in which playful lines were given free rein. The painting in the kitchen consists mainly of the basic colors black, gray and white. The green and bright red lines add spice and character. The work in the living space contains mainly colors that can be found in the table, the cabinet, the parquet and the walls. In this way, it fits seamlessly into the interior. As in the kitchen, powerful lines provide the necessary temperament. The two modern paintings are the absolute eye-catchers in the interior. Yet there are also some beautiful decorative elements that are reinforcing. The photos show two bronze sculptures: To Reason from Ann Vrielinck and Step by Step from Guy Buseyne. The always elegant Visitors from Guido Deleu and the funny Negritas figurines of Selma Calheira match the paintings perfectly. On the sleek table are the small and large versions of the composite-made Bowl bowls. On the small table next to the designer chair spiders Darius and Suri sweetly against each other. In the hallway, the Art-in-Box work by German artist Volker Kühn flaunts the wall, flanked by 3 ornate vases from the penguin series.

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