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    De maan heeft een onweerstaanbare aantrekkingskracht op ons allemaal.

    Ontdek de nieuwe QLOCKTWO Moon, winnaar van de hoofdprijs in de categorie 'Excellent Product Design Luxury Goods' van de German Design Awards 2024.

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  • QLOCKTWO Earth 13.5

    The tabletop model of the QLOCKTWO Earth with alarm function. In addition to the compact size, the simple operation makes the QLOCKTWO Earth 13.5 a popular design object in the office, bedroom or living space.

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  • QLOCKTWO Earth 45

    The QLOCKTWO Earth 45 is the version that started it all. A genius design with a size of 45cm x 45cm that you will not get tired of. The clock can be hung on the wall or placed in a stand.

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  • QLOCKTWO Earth 90

    With a size of 90 x 90cm, the QLOCKTWO Earth 90 impresses every visitor. A work of art avant la lettre excellent for stylish homes, exclusive apartments, open interiors or public spaces

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  • QLOCKTWO Earth 180

    A timeless, breathtaking eye-catcher in an impressive format of 180 × 180 cm. A design so perfect that it was given a place in the Porsche museum in Stuttgart where it is flanked by the iconic 911. In our gallery in Knokke, the magisterial QLOCKTWO Earth 180 Rust is on display (exclusive in the BeNeLux).

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  • QLOCKTWO Earth Limited Editions

    QLOCKTWO regularly releases limited editions of the QLOCKTWO Earth. These copies are produced in limited editions and are therefore only available temporarily.

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  • QLOCKTWO Earth Creator's Edition

    The Creator's Edition Collection stands for exclusivity in terms of materials and workmanship.

    The collection is made by hand.

    Each one is different and is completed with a signature and a unique serial number.

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  • QLOCKTWO Earth Velvet Edition

    With a new, velvety surface, the QLOCKTWO Earth Velvet Edition warmth and elegance.

    The textile surface in warm red or noble green makes the object a visual highlight in any room and creates a unique combination of design and functionality.

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Impress and enchant with the QLOCKTWO Earth.

The QLOCKTWO by Biegert & Funk displays time in words. The time is shown at 5-minute intervals on the display, the intervening minutes are represented by the points of light on the corners.

Read more about the design classic here QLOCKTWO