Collection: QLOCKTWO Earth

Impress and enchant with the QLOCKTWO Earth.
The perfect design from Biegert & Funk

The QLOCKTWO Earth by Biegert & Funk shows the time in words. It is a real eye-catcher in your home that your visitors will undoubtedly look at with fascination. The QLOCKTWO Earth exists in different formats of which the QLOCKTWO Earth 13.5, the QLOCKTWO Earth 45 and the QLOCKTWO Earth 90 are the most common. The absolute best is the QLOCKTWO Earth 180.

Time is shown on the display at 5-minute intervals, the intervening minutes are shown by the light points on the corners.

The QLOCKTWO Earth is available in several versions and languages. Languages and colors of theQLOCKTWO Earth 45and theQLOCKTWO Earth 13.5 can be easily customized by replacing the front panel. A front panel can be ordered separately.

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