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Ivory White

Ivory White

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Chirp from DaqiConcept is a unique alarm clock that combines superior light and sound technology with traditional craftsmanship. You wake up to soft light and the blissful sounds of nature. These sounds can be individually selected, ranging from whistling birds, calming waves, or even a crackling fireplace.


  • Design: Ivory White
    White bird with walnut base
  • Singing bird alarm clock with light function.
  • Alarm light that steadily lights up 20 minutes before the alarm goes off
  • Cuckoo clock - tells the time with cuckoo sounds every hour and half hour
  • One Touch synchronization via audio transmission for easy setting and expansion of sounds
  • Nature sounds player
  • Color temperature: 2700K
  • Dimensions: 21cm x 9.1cm x 9.1cm
  • Weight: 400g
  • App available in the Apple and Google Play store
  • Download the manual here


Apple Store Google Play 

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