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Gold Black

Gold Black

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JinGoo from DaqiConcept unites mood lighting and a high-quality Bluetooth speaker into one unique object. The award-winning design is a perfect blend of stylish Oriental influences combined with modern sound technology. The result: an unprecedented sensory experience of the highest level.

The elegant design of the JinGoo fits perfectly into any interior. Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and welcome perfect sound and soothing lighting into your home or workplace.


  • Design:Gold Black
    Wings in matte black, cage in matte gold
  • Battery life of 25h (with music and lights on)
  • Dimensions: 18cm x 18cm x 28cm
  • Weight: 790g
  • LED lighting adjustable in 3 levels
  • Power amplifier: 5W
  • Built-in tweeter and woofer
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • Download manual here

The name JinGoo comes from ancient Chinese literature. The term describes the sound of singing birds. In addition, the bird is considered the symbol of freedom and happiness.

The Gold Black version consists of a beautiful matte black bird complemented by a matte gold bird cage.

With eachJinGoo comes with a soft brush and a usb charging cable. Regular use of this brush is recommended to keep the product free of dust and scratches.

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