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Ottmar Horl

Worldview Model III - Black

Worldview Model III - Black

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Worldview Model III is a design by German artist Ottmar Hörl.

Material: plastic
Dimensions: 79cm x 34cm x 27cm (H/B/D)
Weight: 4.15kg
Design: Black
Available in White, Black, Anthracite, Blue, Red

Care instructions

The offered artworks are manufactured in Germany, made of shatterproof, non-toxic plastic material in a rotational molding process. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. All components come from Germany and are subject to regular quality controls. The sculptures are serial individual pieces, which ensures the special character of these works of art. The artist has approved the objects as they are. Any irregularities do not constitute a defect and therefore cannot be considered grounds for complaint. To keep your sculptures expressive for as long as possible, please observe the maintenance instructions below:

Outdoor placement

Depending on how exposed the sculptures are to natural climatic conditions, they will show signs of weathering over time, as is common with any other material. Keep in mind that plastic materials are not designed to last as long as, say, stone or metal. For lasting color intensity, we recommend installing the figures in a sheltered location and avoiding exposure to permanent sunlight. Gold and silver statues in particular are better preserved this way.


Usual mild neutral cleaning agents and a soft sponge are suitable for removing dust and dirt.

Additional protection against wind and theft

You can drill a hole in the base of the statue. Using a substructure, e.g. made of metal, you can then anchor the statue directly to the ground. This is what Ottmar Hörl's team does when setting up for art installations and securing them in the ground.

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